Training 2000



TRAINING 2000 is a VET organisation certified in the Marche Region with an extensive experience in education and training in different sectors. At EU level, Training 2000 is involved in research and development of new methodologies in training (blended learning) applied within continuous training and adult education. 

Elderberry AB



Elderberry AB undertakes curriculum development and strategic studies, authoring, testing, editing and publishing within school, youth, adult, teacher and VET education, often with socio-cultural and urban implications. The company is experienced with traditional methods for educational material as with eLearning and eCulture. Elderberry AB specialises in developing and integrating contemporary educational methodology into their work such as; multiple intelligences and incorporating a problem based approach. They have developed a series of working material based on the scenario model which will be used a starting point for project.




BEST Institut für berufsbezogene Weiterbildung und Personaltraining GmbH was founded in 1990 as an independent Austrian organisation for providing continuous training, vocational qualification and career services.

Elearning studios


eLearning Studios offers a portfolio of learning technology design and development services including eLearning, Mobile Learning, Gameful eLearning Design, Apps, Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), Serious Games and blended solutions. ELS will be developing the mobile app for this project.


KMOP is one of the oldest Greek NGOs with more than 35 years of accumulated experience in the provision of services to disadvantaged groups. KMOP’s main areas of expertise include social welfare and health, employability and human rights protection, scientific research and the development of know-how in social policy issues. Apart from direct provision of services through decentralised community based facilities (Three Group Houses and one Day Care Centre for mentally ill as well as counseling centers in various towns), KMOP is also actively involved in both national and EU/international projects addressing social issues particularly focusing on low-skilled youth and long term unemployed, victims of violence and trafficking, disabled, elderly, migrants and minorities.

Glocal Factory



Glocal Factory, is an Italian non-profit organisation established in 2015. Its mission is to support teachers, VETPROS, adult educators and youth operators to upgrade their skills and professional profile so to meet the targets of the EU2020 strategy in the field of education, training and youth. Established in 2015 by experts in the field of education and training and by operators in the field of international cooperation for development, its ultimate purpose is to contribute to the creation of a community of innovative and “visionary” educators able to provide quality learning for all.




Seed is a non-profit enterprise active in the field of education, digital technologies and international development. Our mission is providing expertise to nonprofit organizations, both for local activities (including schools, social and healthcare services, etc.) and for international cooperation and development projects. Over time, the projects we made brought us to focus on web design and development, digital storytelling, distance learning and employability and entrepreneurship support. Our key partners are non profit organizations all over the world. We help them support their projects, from conception and fund-raising, to project management and implementation. We are also engaged in European projects, where we develop innovative technology and education methods and tools.